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Back To School


Back to School August is here, which means it is time to get back into a new(ish) routine! As parents, it is important to consider changing up a few things at home that you’ve become less focused on throughout the summer. Remember to put yourself first and keep priorities simple, so [...]

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Ants Lately, it has been a nice few summer months spent here in Dallas. That means more time outdoors in grassy areas. Being in places that have lots of grass to run around on such as parks, the lake, or our own backyard with our family and pets [...]


Fish Oil


Fish Oil Functionality of the body depends on certain fatty acids that come from eating fish. Luckily, there are alternative options to make sure our body is gaining these important omega-3 supplements. Not everyone enjoys eating seafood. Some people even choose not to eat it because of their personal beliefs. That [...]

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Family Yoga


For more information visit: Family Yoga Being a resident of North Texas means taking on each new day with many tasks and responsibilities. Especially those of us who are families attending activities and events in Dallas. When we are constantly on the go, doing everything we can to keep our [...]

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Water Play


Water Play Looking for ways to get your children outside while also increasing their sensory abilities? Water play is the answer that you’ve been looking for. For development in the early years, children need to explore with all of their five senses. Water play can reach them when using the right [...]

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Beat the Heat, Get Active


Beat the Heat, Get Active Being a citizen in North Texas means we have limited options on where we work out. This is due to the insanely high temperatures that we must accommodate our daily lifestyle around. When it comes to exercise, things can start to feel repetitive and, in turn, [...]

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Benefits of LaughterHave you had a good laugh lately? You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine. When you exhibit laughter, you are also giving yourself wonderful health benefits. It strengthens your ability to fight diseases, tolerance over things that cause harm, and can ease that feeling of anxiety. It also [...]



Feeling Anxious?Sometimes our thoughts tend to get the best of us, especially when we only focus on that neverending to-do list. We tend to continue on and on through this cycle of constant worry. It may not seem like worry in the moment, but it could potentially create stress that affects our lives [...]



The Heat WaveSummer is the hottest season, and this year has been one with the hottest temperatures. To enjoy your summer with family and friends, make sure to avoid the risk of heatstroke. The result will be that you will be able to relax and shy away from stress.Relaxation is one of the [...]



Mosquitoes We are into a full fledged summer and that means more bugs! One of the most pesky bugs we deal with in North Texas is mosquitoes. They affect family events and outings when they decide to pester us with their bites! This is especially likely to happen near water, and we all [...]

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