Water Play

Looking for ways to get your children outside while also increasing their sensory abilities? Water play is the answer that you’ve been looking for. For development in the early years, children need to explore with all of their five senses. Water play can reach them when using the right activities and materials. Your child will love a chance to cool off while also learning!

One way children use their sense of touch is through fine and gross motor actions. Fine motor skills promote proper handwriting and typing. This can be practiced with small sponges, food coloring squirted into water and swirled around, and with water toys. Sensory tables are especially helpful when promoting fine motor functionality and water play! Of course, for your child to experience gross motor activity you can provide him/her with a small pool or a sprinkler to give them more surface area to move around in! Keep it simple, but remember to add in those small extras such as small objects to create an obstacle course.

Water play can also help improve your child’s ability to solve problems, develop a stronger foundation of language, and help to develop a strong social and emotional sense of self. Get the whole family involved and enjoy this exciting time for your little ones!

For more ideas and information about Water Play, visit http://www.parkchildcare.ie/five-surprising-benefits-of-water-play.html.