Lately, it has been a nice few summer months spent here in Dallas. That means more time outdoors in grassy areas. Being in places that have lots of grass to run around on such as parks, the lake, or our own backyard with our family and pets can be such a joy… until stumbling upon an ant hill. In North Texas, this can be an unfortunately common occurrence. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid any harm by these tiny creatures.

Firstly, make sure extra bites of food are always cleaned up if they are nearby. These critters love to make their way toward any treat they can find. Watch for ant hills when playing in grassy areas. If you are having a picnic or camping, try creating a circle of a substance ants commonly avoid such as cayenne pepper, baby powder, or coffee grounds. Using vinegar can also be a deterrent for these pesky insects.

Keep in mind the risks involved when ants are around when you are outside this summer. You will feel like you’ve taken care of your wellness which will, in turn, improve your overall health.