Back to School

August is here, which means it is time to get back into a new(ish) routine! As parents, it is important to consider changing up a few things at home that you’ve become less focused on throughout the summer. Remember to put yourself first and keep priorities simple, so that you and your children can start the new school year feeling freshly recharged and ready to go.

Start or add on to a routine that is very structured and rarely changes. Consider adding in some easy learning activities to acclimate your child for homework time when school starts. It would be smart to ease back on sleeping in, and push for getting to bed earlier. This way, your family’s bodies will get used to a sleeping schedule for school, not summer. Doing this should help by providing more time in the mornings to get ready and eat a healthy breakfast. Lastly, purchase supplies early to avoid a rush or the feeling of being stressed out if the store runs out of a supply you need.

Using these strategies will improve your and your family’s overall wellness and establish a healthy routine. Remember to stay on top of things, without putting to much pressure on yourself or your loved ones. Relax, it’s going to be a wonderful year!