Beat the Heat, Get Active

Being a citizen in North Texas means we have limited options on where we work out. This is due to the insanely high temperatures that we must accommodate our daily lifestyle around. When it comes to exercise, things can start to feel repetitive and, in turn, make us feel less motivated to do the same old routine. Luckily, there are ways to get outside and change up that work out that will keep you safe, healthy, and feeling excited about getting active!

Make sure to know the signs of heat exhaustion before exercising outside. It starts when you begin to feel nauseous, sweat more heavily, muscles begin to cramp, and you start to feel light headed, as if you could faint. If your body shows any of these signs, take action immediately! Drink something cool that doesn’t contain alcohol while you find an equally cool area to rest. Also, remove any extra clothing. Try using the extra clothing and the water you have to help cool your skin.

Hopefully, before your body even gets close to heat exhaustion, you have prepared for the Texas heat that day. You should prep your body throughout the week to the level of heat outside. Before your workout, check the heat index. Drink plenty of water and keep your outfit loose and breezy while considering a hat or visor.  Use sunscreen and choose times where the temperatures are not at the highest point of the day. Remember to seek ways to cool down when you feel overwhelmed, to keep yourself from the point of heat exhaustion. Your doctor will thank you.

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