Feeling Anxious?

Sometimes our thoughts tend to get the best of us, especially when we only focus on that neverending to-do list. We tend to continue on and on through this cycle of constant worry. It may not seem like worry in the moment, but it could potentially create stress that affects our lives and family. As a result, they start to pile up and produce a heightened sense of anxiousness. Luckily, there are recommended ways to cope with this process. When you try them, you will improve the quality of your wellness and that of those you care about most.

One simple strategy to try is to hone in on the idea that has you feeling stuck and say or think it to yourself repeatedly. Do this for a long enough period of time to where you begin to feel tired of the worrisome thought that’s bothering you. The goal is to become bored of it and, in turn, lessen the anxious feeling it gave you in the first place.

Focusing on your breath is another wonderful way to waver through any feelings of doubt or anxiety. Check in with yourself and make sure you are breathing first. Then, only think about your breath and its pattern. Take the time to move it deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you’ve regained focus and control of it, gradually breathe through your nose at a steady pattern.

Try using simple techniques and surely you will feel more control of your worries. Your doctor will thank you and your family will embrace the positive energy you exude.