Keep it Natural

We each have our own beauty regimen that we follow, and more often than not we forget to consider the ingredients that are loaded into the products we are allowing to come in contact with our bodies. This is important because it effects our long term wellness and family health. In the past, it’s been more challenging to find “organic” or natural beauty products, but now things are changing. Access to earth friendly products is at our fingertips, literally.

One option to ensure our products are safe is to make them at home. Body scrubs, shampoos, and lotions can all be handmade easily using simple ingredients. Coffee and cane sugar are popular ingredients for these homemade products. It can be a fun hobby and makes for a wonderful gift for your loved ones!

Another way to stay fresh and help the planet while improving our beauty is to use products that last longer and do not come in plastic packaging. Shampoo bars are very popular because they release the perfect amount of shampoo and the user doesn’t have to worry about throwing away the plastic bottle when they are finished, the bar simply dissolves after many uses. You can find products like this and others such as bath bombs in North Texas.

Keep an open mind when it comes to choosing your daily beauty products so your family, friends, and even your doctor will thank you.