Family Fun Fitness Night

Have you planned or are already planning on spending more nights in with the family? Take those plans and use them to create wellness opportunities for you and your loved ones by hosting a night focused on ways to stay fit and healthy! Shop for healthy snacks such as hummus, fresh veggies, fruit, and water. Use a step-counter app or device and have a competition of who can gain the most steps in 30 minutes around the house! You could even play this game in the backyard. Buy or rent an exercise video and turn it on after clearing out some space in the house. You could even choose more than one style and have the family vote on whichever they like best.

After you and your favorite people have completed this challenge, praise each other for all of the hard work you’ve done! Then, spend some time stretching and giving those worked muscles some relief. A great way to do this is with a simple yoga practice.

After all of that hard work, reward yourselves with a movie! You could even keep the theme going and chose a movie that includes characters who show athleticism or endurance to power through their daily routine. Remember to enjoy your time in North Texas with your family and be creative by planning for activities that keep everyone moving!