Active Play

The seasons are changing and summer is here in full swing! This means looking for creative ways to provide opportunities for your child to stay active and get their muscles moving.

The first step in making sure your little one has physical experiences is to reduce time with electronics. It is recommended for younger children, such as toddlers, to never have unsupervised screen time. If your child is older, consider setting limits to how long they will interact with their device. Remember to let them choose toys that allow a full range of body motion such as an obstacle course or swing. Also, feel free to dance around the house with your young one and make it fun!

As well as these ideas, children need to socialize to keep themselves motivated to play. Your healthcare provider can offer ideas of public events that are specifically held for families. Playing with other children in an unstructured environment is advised as being a major physical and mental health benefit.

Remember to follow your physician’s advice and continuously check in with your North Texas doctor whenever you need suggestions on ways to keep an active, healthy lifestyle.