Snake Season

Now that spring is coming to an end and summer is about to begin, expect to see more snakes around the public parks and in your neighborhood greenbelts. Not to worry, not all snakes are bad. Actually most of the ones that you will see in North Texas neighborhoods are basically harmless.

Do you know how to tell if a snake is venomous? You always want to look at its head. If the head is smooth and does not appear to have a well defined neck, chances are, you are looking at a garter snake or a rat snake. These are very common snakes that feed primarily on small rodents and amphibians. They can bite a human if irritated, but produce such small amounts of venom, that it does not affect humans.

Vipers are the snakes that you need to watch out for. These are extremely venomous and can kill you if you get bitten and are not treated quickly. You can spot them again by looking at their head and neck area. If there is very clear definition around the neck and the snake has a larger head, chances are that you are looking at a water moccasin, a copperhead, or a rattlesnake. Stay clear.

If you see a snake lurking around your yard and you want it gone, simply call animal control. If it is a garter or a rat snake, you are better off leaving it alone. In the end it is up to you. Be safe, watch out for snakes!