Wow, it is getting hot out there! The sun isn’t even at full strength yet, but it is feeling like it is getting close! Are you wearing your sunscreen? Sunscreen is super important when living in North Texas. After all, you want to be sure that you protect yourself and your family from those UV rays that are known for causing skin cancer.

Make sure you are using a sunscreen with a at least 30 Sun Protection Factor or SPF. In normal situations, most people would burn around 10 minutes after being in the sun. When you wear SPF 15, you are blocking about 93% of UBV rays for about 150 minutes. When you increase that up to SPF 30, you increase that blockage to about 97% of UBV rays. The problem is that this formula only works when the sunscreen is being applied correctly. The majority of people only wear about 25% of what they should be wearing which brings the protection level down regardless of what SPF you are using.

Wear sunscreen, wear the right amount, and live a long and healthy life!