Poison Ivy

Spring is in full force now and plants are growing like crazy in North Texas. Many families in the Dallas area like to get out and enjoy some nature. The woods are always a close option that children love to explore. With the amount of rain that we have recently enjoyed, plants like Poison Ivy and Poison Oak are thriving. Are your children allergic? Are you? If you are, here are some ways to enjoy the outdoors anyway:

  1. Wear protective clothing – Wear long socks and/or pants that cover your ankles. It may be too hot for long sleeves, but if it isn’t, put on a shirt that covers your arms.
  2. Stay clear of anything green –  It is always better to be safe than sorry if you don’t know what Poison Ivy looks like.
  3. Keep your eyes peeled – Poison Ivy is easy to see… if you are actively looking for it. It is easy to recognize with its three leaves that each end in a point.
  4. Take a shower as soon as you get home – Cannot stress this one enough. A shower after each walk through the woods will save you almost every time. Be generous with the soap.
  5. If you come in contact, use a Poison Ive and Oak Oil Remover – Tecnu is a great option.

If you were unable to avoid the rash this time, use a product like Calamine lotion. You can find it at any drug store and most grocery stores. This will dry out the oils, prevent it from spreading, and soothe the itchiness.