Sinus Infections

Because of the crazy changes in pressure in the atmosphere, we are getting extreme changes in temperature. Last week, there were days that began with freezing temperatures, and ended in the 80’s! This causes the plants outside to go berserk. The plants then think they need to shoot off more pollen which ultimately results in more allergens in the air than usual. Have you gotten sick? Do you have a family member or a friend that has? Sinus infections are common in the Spring.

If you have a tendency to suffer from sinus infections or simply from allergies, maybe you should consider taking an over the counter allergy medication at least until the rain starts back up again. If you don’t want to take something you can always start with simply staying indoors more over the next couple weeks… that’s no fun. Also, be sure to stay hydrated. Drink more water and less of that other carbonated and sugary stuff!