Sore muscles

So you have been actively trying to stay fit. Sometimes it can be tough, but for the most part, you aren’t doing half bad! Congrats. Yay you, keep it up! Still, there are many times when you are feeling sore or tired and you catch yourself wanting to rest more days than planned. What do you do? How do you get the energy to keep it up?

Stretch. Your muscles produce lactic acid when you exercise. Thats is what you are feeling when you feel fatigue or soreness. Stretching eliminates lactic acid build up in your muscle tissues, helping you recover, as well as gain flexibility.

Drink water. Water can also help release that lactic acid build up in your sore muscle tissue. A good combination of drinking plenty of water before during and after exercise and stretching can go a long way.

Set goals. Setting goals can not only help you increase productivity, it can help you stay healthy as well. Get your family to help you set goals both individually, and family goals. If you are constantly trying to work toward something, it is likely that you will get better at what you are working toward, and you will find a reason to continue. That goes for exercise and many other things as well.

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