Family Internet

The internet is a powerful tool. Our children already have so many tools that we did not have access to when we were their ages. It’s amazing. If we had access to the internet the way that our children do, who knows how our lives might be. The following quote from Marvel is an important one that we should always remember: “With great power comes great responsibility.” This quote is super important when it comes to the internet of things. Whether you like it or not, your family health includes the internet.

Yes it is great that we all have access to so much on the internet. That also means that people and businesses around the internet also have better access to us and our children. It is important to teach your child the ground rules of the internet. Here are a couple quick tips:

  1. Tell your children what is appropriate and what is not.
  2. Monitor your child’s history.
  3. Reprimand bad behavior with an internet timeout.
  4. Use parental settings.
  5. Get your own Wifi router.

The last step is important. If you do not own your own internet router, you are doing it wrong. Owning your own router means you are the network admin. Yes, it might sound difficult, but it isn’t! If you go with a new internet router, they typically have a simple mobile app to go along with them. There are plenty of benefits. One of the most useful ones being that you no longer have to disconnect the router to keep your kids off the internet at night. You can do individual internet pausing. Great for families. Anyway. Do your research. There are plenty of tools that can help you manage your family internet.