Looking for something to do on a rainy weekend?

Does this rain make you want to stay inside all weekend? Why don’t you act unconventional for a change. Go outside and enjoy the rain. Take the dog for a rainy walk. He will love it! The kids will also have fun as long as you make it fun. Usually when it rains outside, people turn it into a bad thing. They say it’s gloomy outside, or that the weather stinks. Is it really all that bad or are we just programmed to believe that the rain is a bad thing? Probably a little bit of both. 

Did you know that the rainy season is the season when water and air quality improves? The rain cycle is some of the coolest science there is. Rain comes from the clouds/ Earth’s atmosphere. It is condensed water vapor that forms into clusters, or rain drops. Once the weight of the droplet gets heavy, gravity does the rest of the work. So how does the water get into the clouds in the first place? It is water that has evaporated from the earth. The process of evaporation cleans the water in its new gas form and stores it in Earth’s atmosphere until it again condenses enough to fall. Rain is responsible for the majority of Earth’s freshwater. It is extremely important so enjoy it when you remember to do so. Here in the Dallas area, we are experiencing tons of it, and it isn’t stopping, so do yourself a favor, and enjoy it!