Exercising at Work

Here in North Texas, many people work on a computer or in an office. That means that there is often a lot of sitting throughout the day. It can be easy to sit for several hours at a time and forget that what you are doing is extremely unhealthy. You have to work regardless, so what do you do? Here are couple tips that can help you stay fit, healthy, and can help with giving you energy to finish off your work day strong:

1. Work on your ankles – Rotate one of your ankles in a clockwise direction for 5 seconds. Switch to your other ankle. Then repeat, but rather than going clockwise, go counter clockwise. Having flexible ankles will help you avoid ankle injuries when walking or running on uneven surfaces.

2. Do some arm stretches – Your arms are important. Not mention, you use them on the computer constantly. Look up some arm stretches online. There are tons you can do right at your desk.

3. Stop what you’re doing and do push ups – Sure this might be a bit awkward in the office environment, but who cares. No one is going to be mad at you for doing some push ups. If they get mad, tell them you are trying to stay fit and awake.

4. Repeat step 3 with sit ups – Again, if anyone has a problem, tell them why you are doing it. They might even join you for your next set.

5. Get a smart watch – A smartwatch might be a little more of a heavier investment, but it might pay off if you use it right. Many smart watches or wearable smart devices track how long you have been sitting. Tell your coworkers to get one too, it will not only help you stay fit, you might even be able to make a competition out of it as to who can get the most steps in while getting the job done!

Staying fit can be hard sometimes.  Let’s make this year a year for North Texans to exercise more at work! Stay healthy, stay fit, and enjoy your day at work with a quick exercise routine!