Ski Safety

Ski season is finally here for those of you snow-sport lovers. Although Dallas and North Texas as a whole does not really participate in many snow-sports at home such as skiing or snowboarding, we do tend to travel to do it anyway! We love our winter sports. When visiting Colorado and other mountainous states, you will find that many of our bordering states economies depend on us Texans to visit. That being said, safety is a very important subject. If you and your family are gearing up for your winter trip to the mountains, be sure to grab a helmet for each person that is riding. Also, be sure that your gloves, jackets, pants and other gear is designed for the correct climate. Much of the winter gear has different temperature measurements, so be sure to grab the right stuff to avoid a cold or excessively hot vacation. Also, be sure to stay hydrated. It might be cold, but that does not mean that you can skip the rehydration. Be sure to have some water between runs. Take breaks throughout the day to avoid fatigue. Eat healthy food on the slopes so that you don’t get cramps. Stay safe and get yourself prepared to avoid a not so great winter vacation.