Though tornado season does not officially start until Spring, North Texas has already seen a handful of tornado watches sprinkled across our area this January. Rapid changes in weather create areas of high pressure in the air, which can cause tornado activity. These major weather events can be devastating. Here in the Dallas area, we like to stay prepared. If temperatures have changed rapidly, stay weather aware. Check forecasts for your area regularly. The best thing you can do to stay safe is to have a plan. In the case that a tornado were to touch down in your area, where would you go? If you do not have a basement or tornado shelter, identify a room in your house that is centrally located, away from outer walls and windows. Keep a tornado kit in this room – some things you may find useful are a radio, fresh batteries, non-perishable food items, blankets and / or coats, and a list of phone numbers of loved ones. If power and internet are down in your area, it is important to know how you can contact those you care about to let them know you are safe. We can’t change the course of a tornado, but knowledge and preparation are our best defenses to stay safe during a tornado.