Over 30.3 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, and 84.1 million with pre-diabetes. In Dallas County, 11.3% of of the population is diagnosed with diabetes – this is almost 3% higher than the national average. Though genetics can play a role in diabetes, almost 96% of diagnoses are Type 2 Diabetes, which develops over time based on preventable factors. Although diabetes can be managed with insulin and other medications, costs can be high and many find their treatments to be inconvenient or hard to remember. Managing blood glucose levels is a full time job, which may require blood sugar level checks before meals, after meals, upon waking, and other times as needed throughout the day. Meticulous notes must be kept to identify trends in blood sugar levels, appropriate doses of insulin, and whether or not the prescribed doses are working. Luckily, diabetes is a chronic illness that can often be avoided! The two most important (and controllable) ways to decrease your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes is to participate in physical activity, and eat a healthy and nutritious diet. When you exercise, your muscles use up some of the glucose (or sugar molecules) in your blood. When you eat a healthy diet, specifically one low in carbohydrates, less glucose is released into your bloodstream. Research recommends 30-minutes of physical activity each day, paired with a low-carb diet. Talk to your doctor today about other ways to reduce your risk of diabetes!