Feeling a little under the weather? The quick and frequent weather changes in the Dallas area lately may be to blame for a change in your health! The change in temperature and pressure can affect our sinuses and joints, and may lead to inflammation, headaches, and aching bones. The weather is also an important factor in environmental changes, and can ramp up different allergens in nature such as mold, mildew, pollen, and other common plant allergens. This can lead to cold symptoms, such as runny nose, watery eyes, cough, and other sinus- and respiratory-related issues. One important way to keep your body healthy is to be aware of the weather, and dress appropriately. We may see temperatures in the 20’s and 70’s over the course of a couple of days! Don’t assume that yesterday’s weather is reflective of today’s – check your local weather report before dressing for the day! If you are struggling with uncontrollable allergy symptoms, contact your doctor for recommendations. Though over-the-counter treatments may be all that you need, it is best to ask your doctor before adding to your medication regimen. In the meantime, do your best to avoid allergens that are known to irritate your sinuses, and stay warm and dry!