New Year’s Traditions

Does your family have any traditions related to the start of the new year? Across the world, different foods play a large role in ringing in a new chapter. Here in the Dallas area, and across North Texas, one of the most popular may be the Southern tradition of black eyed peas. According to popular folklore, these legumes guarantee wealth in the new year. The more you eat, the wealthier you may find yourself! Similarly, greens symbolize money, cornbread represents gold, and pork guarantees prosperity. Pairing these 4 foods together not only leads to a delicious, fairly healthy meal to start off the year, but if you believe in luck, they may make you quite rich!! In some cultures, grapes are essential to New Year’s traditions. The grapes may represent luck, and by eating one for each month of the year at the stroke of midnight, you can help bring yourself good fortune for the new year. If you get a bitter grape, though, watch out – you may have a rough month ahead during 2018! Another fruit with special value during this holiday is the fig – with longstanding folkloric ties to fertility, it is recommended that couples trying to conceive incorporate figs into their celebratory menu!  Luckily, most of these traditional foods are healthy and nutritious ways to celebrate! Which will you be partaking in this week?