New Year’s Resolutions
As 2017 draws to a close, many of us in the Dallas area are starting to consider ways we can become better, healthier versions of ourselves in the new year. New Year’s Resolutions are a fun and traditional way to set a goal for the upcoming year. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to set a lofty goal that may lead to feelings of frustration when we are unable to uphold it. This year, consider making a New Year’s Resolution that is achievable and will boost your health. Rather than setting an end goal, it may be more helpful (and easier to maintain!) a resolution centered upon an activity. This does not mean your goal has changed – you may even find it easier to reach! For example, rather than “I will lose 20 pounds in 2018,” you may resolve to walk 3 times a week, attend a group fitness class every Monday morning, or replace red meat with chicken or fish for 2 dinners each week. Research has shown that the more specific, attainable, and measurable the goal, the more likely you will be to achieve it. This is why abstract goals, such as becoming healthier, eating better, or losing weight are more difficult to meet. When setting your 2018 resolution, try to include a specific activity with a set frequency. Don’t forget to check back in with yourself on a regular basis to see how well your are keeping up!