As many people prepare to travel to visit family for the holidays, it is important to remember to keep your health in mind as you go! One of the main health risks associated with travel is blood clots. Arteries pump blood away from your heart, assisted by gravity. However, your veins (especially in your legs) are forced to pump blood back to your heart against the force of gravity, using valves that help keep the flow going the right direction. Normally, this process is also assisted by the movement of muscles through the limbs. However, during travel, our bodies are often made to sit, inactive, for much longer periods of time than normal. Without the assistance of our muscles, our veins work harder than normal to do their job. Unfortunately, the extra strain on your veins can lead to blood sitting stagnant in one spot without moving appropriately, and ultimately clotting up. Blood clots can be treated, but also present very serious risks to your health! Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or car this holiday season, remember to move your muscles! Get up, walk around, and take stretch breaks as often as you can. If your travel situation makes a fell stretch break difficult, try simple muscles movements such as squeezing your calf muscles periodically to keep the blood flow moving. Enjoy your holiday travels, and remember to take the time to focus on your health!