Our body does its best work when we are sleeping. During sleep, our body is given the chance to recover from our daily activities. Muscles are repaired, cells throughout the body are regenerated, and our brain stores the new information we’ve learned over the day to memory. Sleep is imperative to our health, as our immune system is strengthened as we rest each night. Unfortunately, the society we live in places value on how much we can get done in one day, sometimes so much so that quantity of activities is prioritized over quality. This mindset may lead to a decreased amount of sleep in an effort to squeeze more activities into our daily routine. Though this may be unavoidable during busy times, we may jeopardize our health by letting this become the norm. During the winter, as the days become shorter and night falls earlier, we are given a great opportunity to capitalize and get a little bit more sleep. Take advantage of the early evenings, tuck into bed and place priority on your sleep! You will feel the difference in the morning.