The skin is your body’s largest organ, and your first defense against infection. Unfortunately, the cold of the winter months challenges your skin to maintain the integrity needed to perform at its best. The change in the North Texas air from the hot summer months to the cooler, drier winter also leads to changes in your skin. You may start to notice that your skin begins to look dull, or feel dry and itchy. In more severe cases, skin may even start to seem flaky, and you may experience scalp dandruff. There are a few easy things you can incorporate into your winter routine to combat dry skin. The most helpful and easy tip? Remember to keep hydrated! Find a fun way to remind yourself to drink plenty of water – try setting a reminder on your phone or  placing some post it notes around your work space. Use a moisturizing body wash, and add a good lotion to your after shower routine for maximum moisture! By maintaining hydrated, healthy skin, you are not only helping boost your body’s ability to fight off infection, but you may even notice benefits in your physical appearance!