Hand Hygiene

Although we are lucky to have access to flu vaccines to help prevent the spread of the flu through our community, unfortunately there is not a vaccine to prevent the common cold. During the cold winter months, our body’s immune system is put to the test, and viruses and other infections seem to run rampant. How can you protect your health? The best option is practicing good hand hygiene. Hand washing is the best defense against catching a cold, and luckily is not a difficult task! Remember to always wash your hands after using the bathroom and before eating. It is also extremely important to wash your hands anytime you cough, sneeze, or blow your nose. Viruses and bacteria travel within your saliva and mucus. For this reason, if you sneeze into your hand and do not wash your hands soon after, you may be passing an infection on to the next person you shake hands with! Though washing your hands with soap and water at a sink each time you cough or sneeze may be unrealistic, especially for those who commute long distances throughout the Dallas area, there is another great option. Hand sanitizer kills many bacteria and viruses, and can be found in stores throughout North Texas in easy, travel size bottles. Hand hygiene has never been easier. Help boost the health of North Texas and prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses by keeping your hands clean today!