Holiday Season

December has officially arrived, which means holiday season is in full swing. For some, this may mean strapping down and putting in the long, hard hours at work, while for others this may mean spending a little time away from the office to focus on friends and family. If you work in a field where December means more time in the workplace, remember to continue thinking about  your health. Avoid the easy, fast food temptations by packing a healthy lunch, and taking short breaks for snacks and water throughout your day. If you work in an office, remember the importance of simply standing up to take a stretch break every now and then. A stretch break is also a great opportunity to take your eyes off of your computer, and move your legs by taking a short brisk walk.

On the other hand, if you are able to spend more time with your family during this season, these same ideas can be translated over to the home. During the holiday season, we often pack a large number of activities into our time off with family. Bringing along healthy snacks and water when you visit different holiday fairs, lights exhibits, or even as you do your holiday shopping can help ensure that you are getting all of your daily nutrients and making smart food choices! Another great way to incorporate mindful, healthy behaviors into your holiday activities is to take the opportunity to walk. Rather than drive through a neighborhood to see the homes all dressed up for the season, grab a coat, park your car, and make it a walk instead! No matter how you are spending your time this season, don’t forget to get plenty of sleep in between. A health night of sleep will help you start each day with the attitude and energy that you need to fully engage in your day!