Post-Thanksgiving Blues

Though the planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and hosting that go along with the Thanksgiving holiday are all enjoyable in their own way, they can also contribute to an increased amount of stress over the holiday. Don’t let this stress build up so much that it begins to affect your health! Now that the holiday is over, the kitchen has been cleaned, family has returned home, and you’re beginning to get back into your normal routine, remember to take a little time to care for yourself and de-stress. Though a day off from real life, complete with a day at the spa and a long massage, would be an fantastic fix, this may not fit into your agenda! Luckily, there are many scientifically proven ways that you can reduce stress at home in just a few minutes. A quick, 10-minute walk is a great, healthy option. This will get your body moving, and a change of scenery is a great way to re-frame your mind. You may find that listening to music while you walk is a great option to help you relax. However, turning off the cell phone and leaving it behind and simply enjoying a bit of nature as you breathe in the fresh air around you can also be extremely relaxing and refreshing. If you find that you need to de-stress during the middle of the work day, and a walk around the block is not an option, take a moment to step away from your work area, take a few deep breaths, and visualize a relaxing scene or reaching a future goal. If you are at home with an hour to yourself, take a warm bath. Don’t take your mental health for granted – stress can lead to serious problems with your physical health, such as elevated blood pressure, increased risk for stroke and heart attack, and decreased immune system function. If you are having trouble regulating your stress levels on your own, give your doctors a call.