Camping Weather
Many find the crisp, cool weather of autumn to be the perfect opportunity to explore the numerous camp grounds available throughout North Texas. The air is clear, the scenery is beautiful, and the temperature is perfect for sitting by a campfire in the evening. Many campsites throughout the area are settled within local parks, and boast hiking and biking trails, as well as playground areas and room to run around and play games. Some may even offer waterfront areas, appropriate for fishing or kayaking. Here are a couple tips for staying healthy while enjoying the great outdoors. Heat all food products to a safe temperature; if cooking over an open flame, be careful not to burn yourself! Keep all perishable food items cool in an icebox or cooler. Cover exposed skin in sunscreen – even though it is cooler, the sun can still burn your skin! Keep bug bites at a minimum by using bug spray, and cover your ankles and legs if walking through tall grass or brush. Keep warm at night by packing plenty of blankets, sweaters, and sleeping bags to accommodate the change in temperature from midday to evening. Finally, don’t forget to stay hydrated – a long day of outdoor fun should be accompanied by a very large bottle of water (or two!).