Fall Festivals

Fall has arrived, and so has the onset of fall festivals. Many schools, churches, and communities across the Dallas metroplex will be celebrating the arrival of this beautiful season with all types of celebrations in the next few weeks. How can you celebrate the change of seasons while still staying healthy? Here are a couple of tips! If you are attending an outdoor festival, know yourself and your body. Wear clothing that covers your skin, to protect from irritant. Do you have grass or other common outdoor allergies? Be sure to speak to your doctor about taking an appropriate allergy medication to prevent an unpleasant fall festival experience! If you will be sitting on the ground, or on hay bales, you may find that you will be more comfortable if you bring a picnic blanket or outdoor lawn chairs to sit on. Be prepared for the cooler weather to set in by bringing along a jacket or coat, based on the temperature. This time of the year, we may find that afternoons are the ideal temperature, but that it gets very chilly when the sun goes down! Be mindful when choosing snacks at festivals – though indulging is acceptable in moderation, consider eating a healthy meal before leaving the house or bringing along a snack to ensure that you are taking care of your body and encouraging proper nutrition. Lastly, don’t forget a camera so that you can capture your family’s memories amongst the changing leaves!