International Walk to School Month

Did you know that October is International Walk to School Month? This event began in 2011, when citizens of over 40 different countries banded together to recognize and promote the benefits of walking to school. In some cases, walking to school may simply be impossible due to distance, location, or other extenuation factors. However, if you and your children are capable of joining in this celebration, this is a great month to do so. Consider the many benefits of walking with your children to or from school when possible. Any doctor would agree that by walking together, you can promote both your own and your child’s physical health. You can enjoy the cooling Dallas weather, as well as enjoy an additional unexpected moment to spend time with and converse with your children. You are also promoting environmental conservation by cutting out the pollution brought about with automobile transport to and from school. If you have the opportunity, try to pick out at least one day this month for you and your student to walk to school!