Football Season

If there is one thing we are passionate about here in North Texas, it’s football. Be it Friday Night Lights at the high school, Saturday college ball, or Sunday nights with the Cowboys, it is near impossible to go a full weekend without catching at least one game. Are you taking care of yourself while enjoying your favorite sport? Whether you are on the field, cheering for your team on the sidelines, or supporting your favorite player in the stands, your health is still an important consideration. Stay hydrated by keeping plenty of water nearby – you may even consider a sports drink, such as Gatorade, to help you replace the electrolytes you may lose when playing (or cheering!) hard. If you choose to enjoy a football-filled day by tailgating with friends, make sure to choose some healthy snacks here and there. Though burgers and hot dogs are football season staples, you might consider swapping your chips and dip for veggies and hummus as a side dish. You’ll need the long-lasting energy from these healthier snacks if you want to cheer on your teams all weekend long!!