Bug Bites

As summer draws to a close, the mosquitoes in North Texas are still out in full force. It is best to avoid bug bites, not only to prevent discomfort but also diseases that can be spread through bug bites. Citronella candles and oils, sprays and lotions containing DEET, and clothing that covers your skin are the best ways to prevent ever getting a bite. Sometimes the bites are unavoidable, and this is when things get annoying. Though bug bites will eventually go away on their own, the side effects, such as itching and swelling, can be extremely obnoxious in the meantime. If you are allergic, or find that the symptoms of your bites are hard to control, give us a call – you made need to see a doctor. 

Otherwise, some common home remedies include soothing lotions and ice packs. In some cases, antihistamines and pain relievers may be necessary. Do your best not to itch the skin; if you do notice that scratching has caused the skin to break, you may need to add an antibiotic ointment to your remedies. Keep your skin clean and moisturized, and your bites should clear up in no time.