Burn Wounds / Rasberries

A simple scratch can be annoying, but easy to fix. Simply clean it with soap and water, put a bandage on it, and call it a day. A burn wound is a different beast. When you get a burn, or a rasberry as they call it in some sports, on the skin, it’s important that you treat it properly to avoid an infection. If the wound appears to be larger than a couple inches, give us a call. If there are multiple large wounds, get to an emergency room immediately.

First clean the wound. Although it’s no fun, you need to rub the dead skin off and get rid of any dirt caught in it. This can be painful, but is important. Try to use soap and water, but you may need to go with hydrogen peroxide instead. Once the wound is clean, apply an antibiotic cream or gel such as Neosporin. You may want to use a non-stick gauze and wrap it with tape or elastic bandage to prevent oozing on your clothes or sheets. After a day, unwrap the wound and clean it again. At this point, if you can let it air out a bit. Add the antibiotic every few hours or as directed on the package. Wrap it again if the oozing continues. If the wound is able to dry completely when unwrapped, let it be and avoid contract with it. It should heal in a week or two.