It’s a Little Chilly!

North Texas has been feeling a little cold this week. As hot as it gets during the day, we’ve been experiencing some brisk evenings and early mornings. Some of us head in to work while the temperature outside is still in the 60’s and leave the office to a hot 100-degree car! As ridiculous as that may sound to some, us Texans aren’t too fond of the cold weather, so it is important that we dress appropriately. Though the morning chill is brief, there is no harm in wearing a light jacket or cardigan over your usual daily attire that you can easily slip off as the temperature rises into the afternoon. As our bodies aren’t quite used to the drastic changes in temperature just yet, our immune systems aren’t strong enough just yet to fight off some viruses or bacteria that thrive on us when our internal body temperature lowers. Keeping warm during the brisk mornings and evenings will give your immune system that buffer to prepare for the real cold weather going into the Fall season. As we mentioned wearing something light in the morning, the same goes for the evening, except as the sun dips lower and lower, the temperature will only decrease as darkness settles. If you plan on spending time outside at night, prepare to wear something that will keep you fairly warm since our bodies are still sensitive to temperature drops after our long 95-degree summer!

Stay warm!