Short Week

With Labor Day giving us an extra day to our last weekend, it is essential that we work extra hard on our productivity for the remainder of this week! Whenever we have a 4-day week following a holiday, it almost pours into the following weekend as we look forward to the short week ahead. This can create an issue with how proactive we are with our work as we see Friday inch nearer and nearer. Make sure you follow your typical work week routines and keep yourself motivated. Discipline is nothing but self-control, and self-control boosts productivity. If the short week and long previous weekend is hindering your work efforts this week try writing down your daily tasks in the morning and scratch them off as you complete them. Physically writing down tasks and notes is proven to help us actually retain information and complete objectives. Having the list in front of you all day will help you hold yourself accountable so that you don’t fall behind on your goals that you need to complete.

Have a great Thursday!