Cold Front

North Texas will be receiving a cold front this week! As the rain falls over the next few days, we will be getting a slight drop in temperature which will maintain around the 80’s up until the weekend. Though this is still a fairly warm temperature, us Texans can have a hard time with 15-20 degree drops from our typical 100-degree summer heat, so adjustments may need to be made to your thermostat at home depending on how sensitive your family is to outside temperature changes! Nights can feel that much colder as temperatures can drop to the low 70s and potentially even the high 60s after dark. This can have negative impact on your health as your body isn’t used to the cold just yet. With lower outside temperatures paired with cold air conditioning, there is a chance your immune system may not be up to date with the change which can cause you to get sick. Whether that be a sore throat or a cold, be aware of the fluctuations in temperature this week to avoid getting sick!