Sweat seems like a norm for us North Texans as we coast through our typical 100 degree summers. Sweating is out body’s reaction to overheating. When we overheat, our glands open up and produce sweat to keep us cool. This is why we sweat profusely when doing strenuous activity or even when we have a fever. Since a both raise our core temperature, our body naturally sweats in attempt to stay cool. We also sweat when we’re nervous or anxious. Our emotions can have a direct impact on our sweat glands. Some people produce more sweat than others, but it is completely natural. If you or a family member are worried about the smell, there are plenty of deodorants and antiperspirants that can be of use. If sweating becomes excessive, schedule an appointment with one of our family doctors and they will be happy to check out anything you may have going on.