Safe Driving

As much as we like to encourage health habits that pertain directly to your body, it is also important to think about the different actions you take on a daily basis that can affect your overall safety and the safety of your family.

It’s very difficult to think of getting around North Dallas without the use of a car. With everything so spread out across the metroplex, it’s almost a necessity to have a vehicle to get anywhere, really. Since driving has become such a passive normality in our lives, sometimes we forget the simple safety measures required to be a responsible driver. As we go over some fundamental rules to follow while driving, it is important to understand that these are only the tip of the iceberg in safety precautions. Be always be mindful of different ways that you can be a safe driver even if they are not listed here.

1.       Keep your eyes on the road. As basic as this may seem, you may be surprised at how distracted people really are when they are behind the wheel. Whether your phone is buzzing from a text message, or your kids are being rowdy in the back, always keep your attention on the road and work on preventative measures to avoid distracting situations so that they don’t present themselves in the first place.

2.       Keep a safe distance. Be mindful of how far away you are from the car in front of you. A good rule to follow is to stay 3 seconds behind the car in front of you up to 60mph. For every 10mph above 60mph, add 1 second. This will give you enough time to stop your vehicle without hitting the one in front of you should an abrupt stop occur. Now, be aware of the conditions of the road when applying this rule. This applies to good road conditions, so increase the distance should there be any outside elements affecting the road conditions.

3.        This one may seem obvious, but please put on your seatbelt. It is absolutely essential that your family understand that a seatbelt can save their life should an accident happen. Even if you think you’re the safest driver to ever roam the roads, a seatbelt can save you from the driver next to you who isn’t.

These 3 fundamental rules can save your life should you follow them. They are absolutely necessary rules to enforce should you have a new teen driver. Again, they are not the only 3 tips for safe driving, so continue to practice any other safety rules you come across!

Please, drive safely!