Poison Ivy

Should you be spending time outdoors this weekend, keep your awareness up for any type of poisonous plants such as Poison Ivy. The plant can be easily identified by it’s signature 3 leaves. It grows in wooded areas along with other shrubbery, so sometimes it is not always as easily identifiable when mixed into the other greens of a forest. Children seem to be drawn to these wooded areas as they are fun to play in. Any imaginative child can be caught playing in the shrubs, so be very diligent in either getting your children to avoid these areas, or to take a thorough bath when they get home. It is also important to immediately wash their clothes as the oils present on Poison Ivy can get caught on the fabric of their clothing and stay for days. This also goes for dogs as they rub against plants and roll around in shrubs regularly. Be sure to give your dog a good bath after playing in the woods! If you come into contact with poison ivy, wash the contacted area with soap and water and avoid scratching. A rash can form and has the potential to stay for up to 2 weeks. If your rash causes too much discomfort, don’t hesitate to apply topical medication that will remedy the pain, itchiness and swelling.

Beware of what plants you go near when spending time outside this weekend!