Do you ever wake up in the morning to a ridiculously painful throbbing in your head? Headaches can be debilitating to productivity throughout someone’s day. Some headaches seem to even blind us because they increase our sensitivity to light so intensely. It is important to know how to handle these painful occurrences as they can really have a detrimental impact on your day.

If you want to try home remedies before jumping into medication, there are a few things you can try to relieve the pain. One is to just close your eyes and rest in a dark area. Less exposure to light will let your brain relax a little. You can also try putting a warm rag around your neck. This will help relax the muscles around your head and relieve any tension you may have that could be causing the pain. If these don’t work, any over-the-counter medication should be fine to relieve any pain you may have. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin are all great for head pain.

Don’t let a headache ruin your day! Treat it as soon as you can and continue being productive!