Pool Safety (Universal Distress Signal)

North Texas is full of swimming pools. As the heat rages on this summer, we find ourselves spending almost as much time swimming as we are outside in general. While this is perfectly normal in the middle of July, it is important to be aware of certain safety measures for your family to follow whenever spending time in or near a pool.

1. Always supervise children. Even if they know how to swim, young children should always be supervised as they may tire or play rough without realizing they’re in danger of drowning.

2. Make sure everyone knows how to swim. Before allowing children in the pool without an adult, make sure they either know how to swim or are wearing the proper safety gear to enter the pool without an adult(i.e. Life vest, water wings, etc.).

3. Always wear sunscreen. Though this doesn’t necessarily apply to water safety, protection from the sun is always a priority if you are outside.

4. Set rules. Making sure your family is aware of “No Diving” areas, running on slick surfaces, and limiting horseplay in the water is essential for avoiding injuries and even potential drownings.

We want everyone to enjoy their time at the pool while also enforcing safety! Your family’s health and wellness is out top priority!