Bee Stings

Though they seem to have quite the stereotype for being aggressive, bees typically want nothing to do with us just as much as we want nothing to do with them. Bees sting when provoked, just as pretty much any wild animal attacks out of defense. As long as we know how to handle circumstances that result in exposure to bees, people will understand how to avoid stings and therefore eventually rid the fear of bees that so many have.

When in the presence of a bee, the best way to avoid a painful sting is to remain calm and not make sudden movements. Leaving the area in a calm manner will minimize your chances of getting stung. If you plan on spending time outside, cover sweet drinks and food as bees are attracted to sugar. Avoid wearing loose fitting clothes in an area with bees as well. If one gets trapped under a fold of clothing, it will get aggravated and increase your chance of getting stung. If you happen to get stung, leave the area immediately as bees release pheromones that attract other bees after they sting. Make your way indoors and wash the sting with soap and water. If you are allergic and don’t have medication available to you, immediately head to a doctor for proper care.