Many North Texans spend most of their hours during the work week sitting behind a desk. A lot of us counter this by doing a little exercise before or after work so that we maintain a healthy body and mind. Whether you are working out or working too hard in the office to be physically active, stretching should still be a part of your daily routine. It is essential to activity and inactivity so that your muscles stay healthy and strong. A good daily stretch will increase flexibility and also prevent injuries that can pop up at any moment. Many sports injuries are actually a result of improper stretching which lead to pulled muscles and strains. You should always stretch before and after physical activity to warm up and cool down your muscles so that they can regenerate properly. If you are sitting down for most of the day, set times every hour, or every couple of hours to stand up and get a light stretch. Sitting in the same position for prolonged amounts of time can cause stiffness and aches. Getting up and stretching your legs and back will benefit you much more than you may realize if you implement it into your daily work routine.

Get a couple stretches in today!