Sand in Eyes

Everyone loves to go to the beach during the summer months. Why sit in the North Texas heat when you can go to the Gulf coast and catch an ocean breeze while you get your tan on(with proper sun protection of course)? As almost all of us have been to a beach at some point in our lives, we all know that feeling of getting sand in our eyes. It hurts, it causes a panic, and it can cause some serious damage if not treated correctly. This first reaction many people have to foreign bodies in their eyes is to rub them. Do not rub your eyes if sand gets in them Though this is a natural reaction, it can actually cause more damage. You run the risk of scratching your cornea and increase your chances of getting an infection if you put your fingers in your eyes. The first thing to do is flush your eyes out with water. If you have contact lenses, remove them immediately as you don’t want any particles to get stuck under them which can cause a tear in your cornea. If you still seem to have discomfort, pain, bleeding or redness after flushing your eyes out, you should definitely go see an eye doctor for a full examination of your eye.

Though a little sand in the eye isn’t the highlight of someone’s vacation, it rarely results in permanent damage! Enjoy your travels!