Pool Time

As the weather heats up in North Texas, swimming in the pool begins to sounds more and more appealing. Some of us have already lost patience and hopped into the cold water already! We really want to push our readers, specifically parents, to understand the potential hazards a pool can have on a hot summer day. As the population of in-home offices grows more every day, many parents assume that their children will be under full supervision during the day when school is out in the coming weeks. This creates a false sense of security in certain areas of safety at home, especially if you have a pool in your backyard. Don’t get us wrong, you being home with your kids absolutely creates more security and comfort, but as you work throughout the day, you are not always keeping an eye on them. As we tie this in to having a pool, many parents may not be actively paying attention to their kids swim, especially if they are preoccupied with working on their computer or phone. Signs of drowning are not commonly noticed, so multitasking is not the best way to supervise pool time at home. We aren’t necessarily saying don’t allow your children to swim during working hours, we are suggesting that you only allow them to swim if you have a few minutes to give them your full attention. It can take merely seconds for a child to drown, so if you’ve nose is in your computer for even a minute, it can be too late!