Weekend Safety

Memorial Weekend is known to be the most busy weekend for people that go out on the lake in their boats. This can lead to a number of potentially harmful circumstances as many people like to enjoy their days on the lake with alcohol and motorized vehicles. We advocate awareness of your surroundings in situations such as boating, especially with so many boats on the lakes with passengers who may have consumed alcohol throughout the weekend. Just like drinking and driving in a car, drinking and driving a boat is no different. Please be responsible in your leisure time with your friends and family and avoid driving any type of motorized vehicle if you’ve consumed alcohol. Also be on alert of others who may have made a bad decision at the lake in order to avoid any type of dangerous scenarios that could involve you or your family. Authorities are especially on alert this weekend, so if you see something that could potentially lead to the harm of others, don’t be afraid to report it. Safety always comes first, so never hesitate to stop a potentially bad situation.