Mosquito Bites

As summer approaches, the bugs seem to come out in bigger numbers from the warm weather. Mosquitos are no different. Everyone in North Texas knows what it’s like to be outside as the sun begins to go down and the biting seems to accelerate.

Mosquitos tend to inhabit areas that have warm, still water as they lay their eggs in spots where water can gather from rain or sprinklers and remain untouched. These areas can include empty pots, consistent puddles and even pieces of outside furniture that can capture water such as chairs or tables with any type of concave part to it. The more of these areas you have around your house, the more likely you are to get bitten.

When a mosquito bites, it injects an anticoagulant into your blood, which prevents clotting to enhance blood flow into their bodies. This then creates an allergic reaction on the skin that causes mild swelling where the bite occurred as well as itchiness. On top of the pesky itching and small swollen spots, mosquitos can carry a number of different diseases after biting so many individuals, it is important to try to avoid getting bitten as much as possible. When outdoors, try avoiding exposed areas of skin by wearing sleeves or putting on bug repellant. Also try to avoid being outside during dawn or dusk as mosquitos are very active at these times of day. Make sure you go around the outside of your house and empty any sitting water so that they cannot reproduce and lay their eggs. The less still water, the less mosquitos around your house!