Wake Up!

Being productive during the day can be tough. It takes a lot of discipline to maximize productivity every waking minute. When it comes to the word discipline, people think of it as a negative word. We associate discipline with synonyms such as: punishment, strictness and authority. What we should actually associate discipline with is self-control. Self-control advocates that we are in full control of our actions. If we can control every aspect of the things we do, why not aim our actions toward productivity? One very simple first step that we abide by every day toward productivity is waking up an hour earlier than before we decided to take control. Even if you have to be at work by 8amand you get up at 7am, try to get up at 6am. See what you can do with that extra hour of time in your day. You will be shocked as to how much more you can accomplish simply by waking up earlier than usual. What is important though, is the discipline or self-control you have. If you think the pain of waking up earlier than usual is more than the ultimate satisfaction of the success it will bring you, by all means, continue your daily schedule as it is. But if you think you can be comfortable with a little discomfort at first by waking up earlier, you will develop a habit, and the pain will eventually go away because the satisfaction of a boost in your daily productivity will be more rewarding than the pain is at the beginning of your journey. Take action this week and use self-control to better yourself!

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” – John Maxwell